Volkswagen Jetta Stubborn Drivers Side Axle – Impossible To Remove.

Published on: December 12, 2020

A simple axle replacement quickly becomes a repair costing over $3,000.

The Problem

This is a rare occurrence but does happen. This 2011 VW Jetta came in for an exhaust leak and a simple left front CV axle. This repair is normally done in 1 hour and 20 minutes. In all our years of auto repair we have never not been able to remove an axle from a transmission. Well, not until this vehicle.

The actual reason why the inner CV joint housing is fused to the inside of the transmission is still unknown. This is far more than a stubborn retaining clip. We tried every trick in the book to remove the axle. All attempts with pry bars, jimmy bars, slide hammers and axle forks failed. We went as far as fabricating vise grips so that we could screw it onto our slide hammer.
After many technicians spending hours on this we decided to start researching this issue. We conversed with several automotive shop owners in our network and 2 of them informed us that they also had to replace the transmission for this reason.

The Resolution

If you have a stubborn CV axle be prepared to reuse the inner CV joint housing or to fix it correctly, replace the transmission. Primary Care Auto Repair, Our goal is for you to drive a Safe and Reliable Vehicle. Just a phone call away.


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