State Inspections

No matter what you are driving around, the time is going to come when you need an emission inspection or a state inspection in Warwick, RI. Rhode Island state inspections must be performed on every vehicle on a yearly basis, and when the time comes to have yours performed, you have a few choices. Do you trust a qualified auto repair shop that can fix any problems that would prevent you from passing your state inspection? Or do you bring your car to a quickie inspection shack and hope you pass the first time? The answer should be obvious. When you need an emissions inspection or a RI state inspection in Warwick, RI, your best choice is Primary Care Auto Repair.

Emissions Inspection Warwick RI

With the exception of new vehicles, every car on the streets of Rhode Island must have an emissions inspection and state inspection in Warwick, RI, within five calendar days of purchase to obtain a valid registration. After a vehicle has run for 24,000 miles or is older than two years, it must have these yearly inspections to be able to be legally driven and registered. An emissions inspection involves testing the exhaust and gas cap for unnecessary and illegal emissions into the air. Most newer cars will pass this inspection with no problem, but if your car doesn’t pass, we can help you with the necessary repairs right here in our shop. You can have a re-test performed for free within 30 days of failing, and we would be happy to do that for you. When it’s time for an emissions test in Warwick, RI, bring your vehicle to the pros at Primary Care Auto Repair.

Safety Inspection Warwick RI

When driving in Rhode Island, the emission test is only half of the puzzle; the other half is the safety inspection. This routine check makes sure your car is safe to be driven on the roads of Warwick, RI, and if it isn’t? Our team can work with you on the necessary adjustments to help you pass this screening.

State Inspection Near Me

The state inspection in Warwick, RI, might seem like a pain, but it keeps our roads and environment safe. When you find that your car is due for a state inspection in Warwick, RI, the best option for testing, repairs, and re-testing is none other than Primary Care Auto Repair. Just make an appointment or swing by today!

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