Oil Change

Do you really need your oil changed every 3,000 miles? Yes. Is it really that important? Yes. We aren’t trying to fool you. Oil changes are crucial to the life of your vehicle’s engine and its overall performance. An engine with old and dirty oil is like you with high cholesterol. It will clog up the arteries and kill it, which is why we offer oil change services to our clients every, single day. Primary Care Auto Repair is proud to offer the oil change Warwick drivers prefer.

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Oil and Your Automobile’s Engine

Even if you’ve never taken an automotive class, you know that your vehicle’s engine has a lot of moving parts. These parts must be protected from each other even though they’re engineered and manufactured to work against each other. As the parts move they create friction and friction creates heat. Parts without motor oil between them will overheat, wear down, and even seize up.

Motor oil is designed to lubricate these moving parts so the friction they cause isn’t as hot or damaging. The fresher the motor oil the better it does its job. Lubricate parts do not wear down as quickly as parts with poor or no lubrication because they don’t generate as much heat. This means oil changes literally extend your car, truck, or SUV’s engine life because the parts don’t overheat and wear down as quickly.

Conventional Vs. Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil has burst on the scene and made quite a splash with automobile owners and auto mechanics. This manmade motor oil has additives that not only extend the oil’s life but also protect your engine better than conventional motor oil can in some instances. If you drive a vehicle with very high mileage or drive in extreme temperatures, synthetic motor oil will stand up and protect better.

Oil Change Warwick RI

This doesn’t mean conventional motor oil doesn’t do its job, as well. It does. As long as you have your conventional motor oil changed every 3,000, it will work just as well as synthetic motor oil to protect moving engine parts and extend engine life. It’s best to use the oil type and weight recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, and we have a huge selection in stock so we have your motor oil.

Oil Change Near Me

Bring your vehicle to Primary Care Auto Repair and we’ll customize a preventative maintenance schedule just for you. We’ll include oil changes in this schedule based on recommended oil change intervals, oil type, oil weight, and your driving habits. We’ll also take into account your vehicle’s age and miles. Call us for an oil change today.