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What would you do if you couldn’t stop your car, truck, or SUV? We don’t ever want you to have to answer that question, which is why we offer our customers the best brake-system maintenance and repair services in town. Our experienced automotive technicians know brakes, whether anti-lock, disc, or drum, and we’ll keep your vehicle’s brake system in tip-top shape so you never have to worry. When it comes to brake repair Warwick drivers put their faith in Primary Care Auto Repair.

Brake Service Warwick

Bring your vehicle in every 20,000 miles to have your brake system inspected. We will do both a diagnostic check and visual brake system inspection to make sure you never run into trouble when you use the brakes, including the parking brake. We don’t want you to become an accident statistic, so we work tirelessly with our customers to keep their vehicles running safely and efficiently, and this includes the brakes. When you come in for brake system maintenance, we’ll
  • Check your brakes pads to see how much they’ve worn down
  • Check your brake fluid level to make sure it’s full
  • Check your brake fluid’s condition to see if it needs to be flushed and replaced
  • Inspect the brake hoses and master cylinder for leaks
  • Make sure your calipers and rotors are not bent or warped
  • Make sure the discs and drums don’t need to be replaced
  • Check on the wheel cylinders because they wear down, too
  • Make sure your parking brake stays engaged when you park your vehicle
By checking all of these things on a regular basis, we help you avoid expensive brake repairs. If the pads are worn down past their lifespan, we’ll replace them. If the hoses are worn and starting to crack, we’ll replace them. If you need a brake fluid flush and refill, we’ll do it. A healthy brake system means you never have to worry about your brakes, which is our goal for you.

Brake Repair Warwick

Sometimes brake systems fail, and we’re here for you should your brakes become a problem. Our brake repair services have one thing in mind: Your safety. Our experienced technicians will replace any worn or dangerous brake parts or the entire brake system if this necessary. This crucial safety system needs to remain in like-new condition to prevent overheating and automobile accidents. We can repair or replace your car, truck, or SUV’s brake system if this becomes necessary.

Brake Repair Near Me

Call Primary Care Auto Repair today to schedule an appointment for a brake system inspection. Our Warwick brake experts will service and/or repair the system and send you off with the confidence that your vehicle is ready to keep you safe on the road.

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