AC & Heat Repair

At Primary Care Auto Repair, we believe that our customers should never be uncomfortable while driving. We help prevent this by ensuring your car’s AC and heating system are working correctly. Imagine driving on a cold day, and the vehicle never heats up, and we help prevent this by providing quality, reliable repairs. If your AC or heating system is not working properly, give us a call today. Don’t worry. Our waiting room is set appropriately year-round.

Auto AC Repair Warwick RI

Your vehicle’s AC system has the most complex job in the world, keeping you comfortable all year round. We all have done it, tweaked the temperature over and over just to get the right degree of cooling. When that system stops working, it can lead to a sweaty or frosty day. When your vehicle’s AC system stops working, you can count on Primary Care Auto Repair in Warwick RI, to get it back up and running in no time. Our expert technicians are qualified to provide extensive services, anything ranging from system diagnostics to replacing the blower motor. Let us help get your AC system working again.

Auto Heating Repair Warwick RI

Did you know that your vehicle’s heating system and AC systems are one and the same? The temperature of the air that comes out of your vents is determined by whether the blower is cooling it or the heater core is warming it up for you. If you crank the heat on a cold day and your vehicle never seems to warm up, or it appears to be getting colder in the vehicle, then come see Primary Care Auto Repair in Warwick RI. We will get your vehicle fixed and ensure that next time you hop in and crank the heat, it will get nice and toasty for you. Our technicians have the best training and top-of-the-line equipment, so no repair is too big or too small for them.

AC & Heat Repair Near Me

You should be comfortable when you are behind the wheel, no matter the temperature outside. Don’t drive around in a vehicle that is either too hot or too cold. Put an end to the suffering and rely on your friends at Primary Care Auto Repair in Warwick, RI, to help you when you need it. Give us a call today or set your next AC or heater repair appointment online with our hassle-free contact form. We look forward to helping fix your vehicle.

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